Blind Visibility and Exposure Analysis (BVEA)

Blind Internet footprint analysis to ensure that only the information and systems needed for business purposes are exposed to the Internet. Without assistance from the client, Illumant enumerates all identifiable Internet-facing sites, applications, networks and systems, characterizing the client’s cyber-attack surface. Also includes forum, dark web, and IRC searches to look for revealing or nefarious chatter about the client’s systems and networks. Recommendations are provided to minimize cyber-attack surface.


  • Blind reconnaissance
  • Internet footprint analysis to describe/help minimize cyber-attack surface
  • Reputation analysis
  • Black list and bot list review
  • Chat, forum and dark web searches
  • Network redundancy analysis
  • Domain ownership review
  • Exposure rating
  • Remediation recommendations


  • Footprint/Internet-facing systems:
    • Networks
    • Web sites and applications
    • Servers, router, firewalls, etc.
  • Chatter and sensitive info
    • Forums (tech support, etc.)
    • Chat rooms/IRC, dark web
  • Public Internet information databases
    • Name servers, information aggregators
  • Reputation databases
  • Black lists, bot lists, web reputation sites

blind assessment reconnaissance cyber-attack surface minimization chatter analysis reputation infection analysis

web sites web applications services servers routers firewalls VPNs chat rooms forums IRC search name servers internet databases dark web