Assessment Bundles

Illumant offers bundles of assessment services. These bundles reflect popular assessment combinations that look at security from various perspectives and levels of depth of analysis. Of course you can create any bundles you want by assembling the desired services from out lists of components.


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Our most popular combination of services review security from the Internet, or the hacker’s perspective. Appropriate for first time assessments or spot checking.

External + App

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External security assessment plus credentialed testing of web-based applications. Appropriate for first time assessments or spot checking.

External + Soc

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Fully remote analysis assessment of internal cyber-attack vectors. Include external perimeter security assessment to test Internet-facing systems, plus social engineering to test the awareness of employees of cyber-security threats.
External assessment services plus an assessments of critical internal assets and user LANs and connected systems. Standard bundle used for external and internal coverage.
This is not a standard bundle, per se, but it has a built in bundle. The Advanced Black Block Penetration is a blind capture the flag exercise that attempts to extract a file or other target from internal networks without authorized access from the Internet. But rather than provide only information on successful attack vectors that resulted in the captured flag, Illumant provides full analysis of the perimeter security and social engineering results through PSA, BVEA and Soc Eng reports.

Custom Security Assessment

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Illumant can work with you to define security assessments that are customized in scope, for any target systems, networks, devices or applications that you require beyond our pre-defined assessment offerings.