Data Loss Prevention Assessment (DLPA)

Identifies unprotected transmission and non-compliant storage of sensitive data that could result in unwanted disclosure or data loss and the potential for costly breach notification and response. The DLPA monitors Internet traffic for signatures of sensitive info, and spiders websites, fileshares, and desktops and laptops for unencrypted storage of protected data.


  • Data loss prevention
  • Internet traffic monitoring
  • Searches of shared and user data stores, web sites, files shares
  • Identification of insecure data transmission
  • Identification of non-compliant data storage
  • Details about:
    • At risk data
    • Incidents and violations
    • Users, senders and recipients
    • Time stamps
    • File names


  • Internet communication
    • Email
    • Website posts
    • FTP
    • Chat
    • Social media
  • Data storage
    • File shares
    • Sharepoint
    • User systems
    • Internet/intranet web sites
  • Health data
  • Financial data
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • IP and more

data loss prevention traffic monitoring spidering file searches

internet traffic file shares sharepoint desktops laptops CCNs SSNs financial data IP sensitive information confidential information

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