Physical Security Assessment (PhySA)

Assessment of facilities and properties to analyze the key security measures that govern physical security that are required to control access to buildings and to protect the people and data within them. Includes a review of access controls at all egress and ingress points, including badging/pass protocols, guest access procedures, and reception/guard control, alarm systems, camera placement, lighting and patrol routes.


  • Physical security assessment
  • Review of facilities and properties
  • Assessment of key physical security measures
  • Assessment of personnel physical security awareness
    • Tailgating
    • Impersonation
  • Walkthroughs of:
    • Property and facility perimeters
    • Review of ingress and egress points
    • Inspection of reception/receiving areas
    • Review of badging protocols
    • Review room/data center access


  • Ingress/egress point access controls, alarms, locks
  • Badging and pass requirements
  • Receptionist, guard positioning/duties
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Patrolling/camera placement/lighting for monitoring

physical security walkthroughs facilities properties

badging fences entrances exits locks cameras data centers reception guards alarms lighting