Office365 Security Assessment (O365SA)

Office365 is a mission critical and super-sensitive asset, and its security is vital to the security of the rest of the organization. The Office365 Security Assessment (O365SA) is an in-depth review of the security of a client’s Office365 configuration. This includes analysis of threat activity through log analysis, identification of vulnerabilities and weaknesses by comparison of the configuration with best practices (along with their Secure Score), and recommendations for additional protection measures to enhance security.


  • Office365 Configuration review
  • Access log auditing
  • Inbound/outbound spam review
  • Mail delegation/forwarding setting review
  • Comparison against best-practices
  • SecureScore review
  • Recommendation for enhanced security


Office365 Portal:

  • Admin access
  • Use of multi-factor authentication
  • Rate-limiting on authentication
  • Other access control features/restrictions
  • Mail delegation
  • Spam messages sent
  • Forwarding rules
  • Failed/successful logins
  • Auditing
  • Secure Score results
  • MDM / In-Tune
  • Etc.

Configuration review log analysis data analytics

Office365 configuration access logs spam counts mail forwarding shared access settings

best-practices secure score

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