UNIX/Linux Server Security Assessment (NIXSA)

Detailed, platform-specific and “flavor”-specific review of the configuration of UNIX/Linux servers to verify that these systems are configured to maximize security and minimize exposure to cyber-attacks. Illumant reviews system configuration files and settings, running processes, and installed packages to identify opportunities to improve security, in line with best-practices. Systems are inspected for evidence of rootkits and malware. Recommendations are provided for enhancing security.


  • Credentialed review of UNIX/Linux systems
  • Network-based testing
  • Automated scoring of configuration files and settings
  • Manual review of tool results and configurations
  • Review of installed packages and running processes
  • Rootkit/malware searches
  • Comparison against best-practices
  • Classification of severity of findings
  • Remediation recommendations


  • UNIX/Linux systems
    • All ""flavors""
    • Representative configurations
    • Vulnerable outliers
  • Configuration files/settings
  • Installed packages
  • Running processes
  • Patch levels
  • Rootkits/malware

analysis of registry settings manual review review of running processes review of installed packages review of patch levels

UNIX servers Linux servers flavors configuration files configuration settings running processes installed packages patch levels