Wireless Security Assessment (WSA)

Ensures protection against unauthorized access to wireless networks and wireless data, and verifies segregation of guest access from private networks and systems. Also identifies potential back-doors through rogue access points. Assesses corporate, guest, and point-to-point wireless LAN deployments to identify weaknesses in architecture, configuration, authentication, and encryption including identification of rogue access points. Validates that authentication and encryption prevent unauthorized access and traffic snooping.


  • Enumeration of all active SSIDs
  • Evaluation of auth/encryption strength for authorized wireless networks
  • Assessment of isolation of guest wireless
  • Enumeration of vulnerabilities with wireless infrastructure
  • Review of guest/user wireless account provisioning protocols
  • Identification of rogue access points
  • Evaluation of access achievable through rogue wireless
  • Remediation recommendations


  • Authorized employee wireless networks
  • Guest wireless networks/supporting infrastructure
  • Special purpose wireless networks
  • Point-to-point wireless networks
  • Auth/encryption protocol/implementation vulnerabilities
  • Network segregation issue
  • Rogue access points/networks

user/guest wireless assessment encryption strength auth strength rogue access points wireless segregation wireless infrastructure vulnerabilities

private wireless guest wireless authentication encryption segregation configuration rogue wireless

best-practices PCI-DSS (Section 11.1)