Distributed Denial of Service Assessment (DDOS)

Simulated distributed denial of service attack to test the resilience of networks, applications and systems to distributed attacks (such as botnets). Includes validation of DDOS prevention measures. Provides a quantitative analysis of potential performance degradation under increasing attack load, including response time and availability, and break point analysis. Tests the effectiveness of any DDOS prevention measures.


  • Simulated DDOS
  • Performance degredation analysis under increasing load
  • Breaking point analysis
  • Latency and throughput measurement
  • Validation of DDOS protection measures


  • Web sites and web applications
  • Backend systems and databases
  • Firewalls, routers and load balancers
  • Upstream network infrastructure and connectivity
  • DDOS defense systems and protection measures

Simulated DDOS breaking point analysis performance degradation analysis DDOS prevention validation latency throughput

web sites web applications infrastructure failover systems